So, again, the southern statements

By: the909trojan

that are on record, stating that the primary reason they seceded was slavery - were those jokes? The southern states are on record that they seceded in large part to keep slavery as an institution. These are quotes from the south. Stating that they are seceding in large part to keep slavery. I educated myself by reading quotes from southern secessionists. A quote directly from the future VP of the confederates that says that they were seceding to keep slavery, yet you ignore it.

Why do you ignore these quotes from the south, made at the time of secession? There are multiple quotes from multiple southern leaders of the time stating that they would leave over the slavery issue. Secession Commisioner SF Hale from Alabama urged secession  for the purpose of keeping slavery. Fact, Quoted. Jefferson Davis bought u slavery over and over as a reason for the war.

I honestly hope that you have as much disgust for the South's position on slavery as you have about Lincoln. You condemn one evil while appearing to overlook another.

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