and yet Lincoln needed a draft

By: Old Hickory Trojan

and promises to Irish immigrants to fill his armies...and of course there was more wealth in the North...they were not paying the same taxes and tariffs as the south...again out of $107.5 M in revenues for the Government from a specific period of time around the 1840's....$90M was sucked out of the South but only $17.5M out of the North...which worked out that 87% of southern revenues went to Federal taxes and tariffs....pretty tough and understandable as to why the south wanted out of this oppression...and I will say again Union troops were not fighting to free the slaves they were fighting to keep the Union together...dumb bastards...

Fighting Joe Hooker said.speaking about the Emancipation Proclomation..."A large element of the Army has taken sides against it, declaring they would have never embarked in a war had they anticipated this action by the government"

another US Army Colonel wrote.."Let it be understood that if this is a war for emancipation of the negro instead of a war in defense of the Constitution, three quarters of the Army would lay down their arms"

Lincoln smoke and mirrors and the poor bastards bought in since Lincoln shutdown over 300 Newspapers with a different point of view and arrested over 10,000 citizens who disagreed. 

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