Yup....the snowflakes will do

By: Old Hickory Trojan

anything to get Trump....and since they are now going so far left why does this surprise you that they want the military to overthrow a sitting president...like one senator mentioned in the Peter Strozk interviews, the members of the left already have 60 leftwing congressmen signed up to impeach Trump...so why would you not expect them to try to cover for the FBI traitor....if this turns into a civil war...don't expect the South to lose this one...in the military alone the south. has close to 2/3 of the military..,, is no longer dependant on tobacco and cotton...nope I'd be willing to venture that when looking at the number of citizens legally armed the South has quite a few more then those states that support overturning the vote of the people...and in the new South a lot of middle america has jumped on board the train...IMHO

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