Gawd you are really this stupid

By: Old Hickory Trojan

he pleaed guilty to lying to the FBI after losing his job, his retirement, close to losing his home spending dollars to defend himself from the Government which can spend as much as they want on a witch hunt....and even then the agents that interviewed him said he didn't lie....Comey and his henchmen aided Mueller in changing the written statements of the interviewing agent and decided he lied and charged him..nothing to do with Russian collusion perhaps if you had a brain you would know the weight of the Federal government on any individual will crush the individual...and that has been Muellers game plan since the start how the hell do you think he and his hencmen put a number of folks in prison that were later exonerated ..ruined lives because of an overzealous criminal that has the weight of the Fed behind him....don't worry you will find out when Mueller closes his case and the excuse of an active investigation goe away  so congress can get the information they have subpeoned ...then the hammer will fall and it won't be on will see Clapper, Brennen, Comey, Clinton, Strozok and the rest of the lawbreakers meet their justice when the truth had better pray the Dems take control of the midterms so that their ill deads are covered up...

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