A few questions for the Left

By: Old Hickory Trojan

1.) Did Hillary Clinton break the law when she had a private server put at her residence to conduct busiess as the Secretary of State?

2.) Did Hillary Clinton break the law when she had classified information on her private server?

3.)Did Hillary Clinton break the law whe she destroyed her EMails, bleach bit and hammers so that records subpeoned by Congress no longer existed?

4.) Did the DNC break the law when they paid a foreign national to put together a phoey dossier on Trump?

5.) Did the DNC hire foreign agents of the Pakistani. government to manage their servers? 

6.) Did Hillary Clinton approve the sale of 20% of our Uranium to the Russians?

7) Did Hillary Clinton accept millions of dollars from the Soviet Union?

8.) Did James Comey change the wording on the findings of the FBI to remove Hillary Clinton from being charged with breaking federal law?

9.) Did one of the Highest ranked FBI agent lead both the Clinton and Trump investigations with a bias against Trump?

10.) Did the FBI  coverup for this agent by not producing and redacting information required by Congress under their due diligence authority?

11.) Did the FBI using a phoney dossier to get a FISA document to illegally spy on Trump both before and after the election?

Thats enough for now...to be continued...





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