What am I supposed to be

By: Old Hickory Trojan

surprised as apparantly you all are that the Russians tried to inferfer in the elections one way or the other...nothing changes the fact that Trump has stated there was no Russian collusion with him and Russia...in fact the so called Russian collusion if you want to blame the wikileaks on them which is still up in the air as to who did it...did nothing but expose Hillary Clintons illegal acts and her zemails which she tried to cover up by destroying them against a federal subpeona. If the Rissians were the culprits to those revealing sets of information we should thank gowd since it created a more knowledgable electorate.. but since we don't know that they did we have this knowledge:

1.) Hillary broke the law by having a private server containing classified information with access by numerous people

2.) Hillary's campaign and the DNC rigged her nomination against Bernie Sanders

3.)The Hillary campaign and DNC along with foreign nationals created a phony dossier against Trump

4.) The Hillary campaign illegally provided the phoney dossier to the FBI

5.) The DOJ and FBI were complicit in using phoney dossier to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trumps campaign

6.) FBI agents had a bias against Donald Trump

7.) the FBI and DOJ conspired to effect the election and presidency of Donald Trump

8.) Comey and Strozok changed the wording of the findngs on Hillary's lawbreaking in their investigation of her EMails which in multiple cases broke federal laws

9.) Te FBI was going to stop the election of Donald Trump one way or the other

10.) The FBI had another plan after the elction to remove Trump from office

We know this as it is being slow walked by the DOJ and FBI to Congress...and if anyone wants to look at such things as meddeling in a election they need to start there...

As far as other countries meddeling in elections of other countries...the US from 1946-200 interferred with 81 elections in foreign countries and Russia in 36. The US interferred in the Russian election of Putin and tried to intefer in the Isreali elections a couple of years ago...so this is nothing new.. and in late 2015 Obama was told by our intelligence community that the Russians were going to try to interfer with our elections in 2016 and his response was to ignore it and do nothing to safeguard against it...bottom line it really didn't matter the american voter saw the two candidates and decided which one was untrustworthy and sent her to the curb...

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