then we are not looking at the same

By: Old Hickory Trojan way if we are looking at the same things that you could possibly have that much anomosity unless of course you don't beleive in the second amendment, don't beleive in state sovereignty, don't beleive in our immigration laws, don't beleive that the Constitution was not created to generate laws, don't beleive that our country was sold down the river by providing tax benefits for shipping jobs overseas, don't beleive everyone should be measured on their own merit and not some government specification that weighs the individual by color, race or religion or political orientation, don't belive bringing in muslims from countries with extreme views on their faith should not be vetted, don't beleive America comes first. So where do you stnad on those issues since you haven't answered a few simple questions but just blast the President. Obviously you must have some beliefs to have such hostility..

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