Proof wil be in the pudding

By: Old Hickory Trojan

as the old saying goes...and right now being friendly with a country that has the most nuclear power next to the US is not a bad thing...don't jump to conclusions from a slip of the tongue...Trump knows for peace in the world it means we have to find a way to get along with each other...remember russia is in ßyria, Russia borders North Korea, and Iran needs to be taken down....lots of key items that need Russia cooperating with us on...remember we informed Russia of the terrorist plot in St Petersburg and they informed us about the Boston bombiing....that kind of cooperation is necessary if we want a more peaceful existence...I guess Hillary wanting a reset button with Russia wasn't retarded or Obama bowing to the middle east and blaming us for the worlds woes  or Nato accepting nations in that border on Russia when we promised when the Berlin wall fell we wouldn't allow it to happen and we are currently bound by that treaty to go to war because of Nato actions like bringing in countries on the Russian border or Georgia...a few folks that did a lot of damage that Trump is trying to correct..

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