There is zero doubt

By: the909trojan

that Hillary is about as trustworthy as the former chairman of VW, and committed more crimes. In both number and severity.

But to anybody but a diehard Trump supporter his words now look like an about face. And please don't confuse me with the crowd who is calling him treasonous. I'm not even remotely implying anything of the sort. That said, if Trump had not opened his mouth and asked Russia for help looking into the missing Hillary emails then he wouldn't have the back lash that he is receiving now. At least not from me. He also tells everybody to support American products even as his wife's businesses are all outsourced. His tarrifs hurt Harley Davidson after he gets done touting them as a great business model, and then he criticizes them for announcing out of country production moves. Now all of this pales in comparison to Hillary's offenses, but that dosn't remove Trump from some criticism.

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