Short sighted

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Why not consider the fact Trump said remove all tariffs for a balanced playing field  and in response to a no to that he instructed the US to impose tariffs which in the long run will give him exactly what he asked for in the beginning a tariff free trade alliance ....and HD is screwing themselves by outsourcing in the long far as Trump's comments to Russia you don't have the contrext of those remarks if you just look at that piece...after listening to the FBI coverup, allowing her to destroy under subpeona items and finding that what they said they couldn't find when a simple FOIA request got E Mails the DOJ said didn't exist...Trump made a crack about with all the collusion talk Russia could get the was a dig at the FBI and DOJ that have been playing coverup since before the election...and as far as Mrs Trump the only business that was ever contended to be an issue was royalties and I have not heard how that case I'm not clear on what you are talking about

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