which comments?

By: Old Hickory Trojan

I told you the comments about Russia meddeling or not...I don't give a shet. Listen to what Rand Paul said it makes perfect sense to me...neocons, the extreme left who hate Trump can hve a field day all the while distracting from what is going on with the DOJ and FBI coverup and the attempted fix of an election which is much worse then Russia could have ever done...if his not being combative with Putin is what you wanted to see and you were disapointed with the fact he didn't create a confrontation..I say grow up...I think you need ot re-evaluate what you are saying....Rand Paul got it right if anyone is concerned about meddeling... fix the system so no one can screw with it...don't go creating an even bigger problem by creating a bigger problem with Russia...they did what we did....so consider it going to happen again and again just like our tapping of phone on our allies...only way to fix it is to fix the ability for someone to do it regardless of the nation or internal forces running amuck in the country...


You do realize with no voter ID and private ownership of electronic voting machines (George Soros owned those in several key states) and missing truck loads of ballots are happening today( Wasserman shultz's election) don't you...you do realize several states are trying to give illegals he right to vote don't you? Talk about fixing an election..its right there and that is what needs fixing more then any Russia collusion..

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