Trump made a mistake

By: Old Hickory Trojan

by correcting himself on his comments in Helinski.....all one has to do is look at the folks that had the loudest outrage...the press, the leftwing zealots, the neocons, and the Rhinos....that should have been enough to convince Trump to not have tried to correct his statement...and as far as the Intelligence Community...what is their track record that we should accept what they say as gospel....Iraq, Syria, murder of Gadafi, the continuing cybber attacks by China, the influense of the Saudi's in DC....nope those folks have shown time and time again that they have been wrong and have created a lot of th chaos that has occured in the Mr President you made a mistake ...not in what you said but what you tried to do to correct it...regardless of amatuer attempts of the Russians to screw with didn't impact one damn thing...

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