So you think that

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Ryan and the individuals I named are pushing Trumps agenda? If you do I've got a bridge to sell you. Ryan hates Trump, Flake hates Trump, McCain hates Trump, and their are others. Ryan has been in the pocket of big business for years and didn't propose the tax break Trump wanted, has not supported the wall, has not supported E Verify and has been trying to get amnesty since this illegal rush from Obama started. Ryan has also been always one of the first to come out and codemn Trump everytime he says something about Congress not doing their jobs. Now you really think Graham isn't a neocon? He jumps on the Trump train everytime it looks like a confrontation is emminent and jumps off every time Trump didn't talk tough. Collins from Maine, you think shes a conservative when she says it's an absolute no on the Supreme Court nomination might not favor legallized abortions sponsored by the government. If what I posted isn't the truth, why did the toughest of the Immigration Bills not get passed in the House? There were enough Republicans that said no, if they had voted yes we would have new Immigration guidelines sitting before the Senate and again we could have witnessed how the Republicans behave if they had to vote on it. If Ryan had his bill even voted on we would have no funding for the wall, amnesty for millions, no E verify, and cheap labor for the business loobbyists he represents. In fact why did the Republicans in total not include funding for the wall in the budget they passed? Get a grip there are many Neocons, Rhinos and haters in the Republicans in Congress ...they need to be replaced period.

Do you really want to talk about the left and their approach to anything Trump....we already no their motto regarding any legislation he tries to get throuh....Obstruct....

This is no internet chatter, its been clear form the statment and votes where certain indivuduals in the Republican party stand and where the ∂emocrats in almost a solid blocj stand when it comes to Trumps agenda...if you beleive otherwise you are not paying attention..and as far as the "fix" being in on Hillary and the election, even with the slow walk by the DOJ and FBI it is becoming more transparent each day that was attempted. When a guy like Shift starts trying to cover up what the Intelligence Committee is getting you know the Democrats knew. When the FBI and DOJ are recacting names and informaton for National Security and when forces to remove those readactions we find that National Security had nothing to do with it just a way to cover it don't see what was attempted as treason. And Hillary...yu don't think she was involved and committed any crimes....geez, what does it take a lightning strike to wake you up?

Let me add one last think all those California voters that wer so happy Dana Roerbaugh (sp) got nominated must love a guy that says he won'tt support Trumps Immigration Plan....Republican....Conservative ass.

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