We disagree on his re-election in the

By: Old Hickory Trojan

house he already has a block of Republicand that wnated him removed earlier this year. As Speaker he hasn't been able to get enough support from the elected Tepublicans to get shet done starting wit Obamacare. He wanted to bring his immigration bill for a vote until he was told they wouldn't vote for it at all....why because it was not just watered down but because it wanted to give amnesty to the illegals and removed three of Trumps four pillars. He passed a water down version of Trumps Tax cut plan pretty much changing everything ( if you remember Trump wasn't going to give tax breaks for the rich by changing their bracket, Trump wanted higher standatd deductions for the middle class and to make it permanent, Trump wanted lower Capitol gains to name a few), Ryan changed that. Trump didn't want the budget the way it was put together by Ryan ( he wanted expenditures for the wall which he didn't get, he wanted to provide funding for the Government which was why he signed it and a couple of months ago he stated he wanted it revised to take out billions of dollars of wast that had been put in it), Ryan hadn't supported Trump on his agenda and spoke out and condemn Trump on several of the things he said and wanted to do. Put it alltogether and Ryan is no better then Corker and Flake...in fact I would argue much worse since he is in a very powerful leadership position..

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