Standing on foreign soil

By: bigballss

At a press conference and casting doubt on his own intellegence service , taking the side of our enemy over our security system is treasonous . Can you imagine what our allies, and more importantly our enemies think.Now, I threw the treasonous thing out there because the media is mentioning it, and also,O HT gets in a lather over it. I don't know yet if the dotard is a moron, being blackmailed, or is just as comey said a guy who lies about everything, big and small. Why would they interfere, he said. More stuff comes out every day and president bone spurs just keeps lying. In the meantime the trumptards give him a pass. Lock them up! Is a phrase I also enjoy, Flynn was big on that. Now he is going to jail, really awesome.  I believe trump is stupid, arrogant and sloppy. There are some bombshells on the way. I'm not impartial, and you probably are, and anyone else that reads this post, who can be impartial, disregard my post and know I'm not pushing my opinions, just having some fun.and that involves some exaggeration as is common on this board. I am a registered Republican, but this pos is not a Republican. Ronald Reagan is the republican standard in my generation. This shameless liar is not close to reagan. 


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