I can't speak to that but I can say

By: Old Hickory Trojan

the intelligence agancies that work for the country include the FBI, CIA and NSA...and those agencies in particular should be trashed. For the NSA, Clapper lied to the Congress when he said they never tapped into American messages and monitored them which is illegal and the FBI tried to cover up the illegal activity of Hillary Clinton and we will know shortly that they lied to a FISA judge to spy on the Trump campaign and who knows what else. We also know the State Department illeogally handed over one of the phoney dossiers to the FBI written by a foeigner. Add it all up  and regrdless of Trump those actions were illegal and violated the civil liberties of the Constitution. We also know based upon text messages by two highly ranked FBI agents thsat they hated Trump andworked against him. We know James Comey with the help of Peter Strozk(sp) changed the wording on the original investigation into Hillary so that it went from chargable offenses to something less. We also know they exonerated her well befoe they investigated her wrongdoings...no wonder the Intelligence agencies are getting ripped..

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