I am talking about re-electing him as

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Speaker not his re-election to congress. Hell they thought about replacing him before he announced his retirement. As far as the Tax Plan he should have put forth the Presidents agenda and submit it to the Senate to change it then you compromise. They watered it down before they ever even tried to see where the senate would take it and before we could see how the Republicans in the house would have voted. Funny thing is they now want to extend the personal tax breaks that they placed a limit on and are talking about doing it in September. So tell me again why they didn't include it originally? The bracket changes were the worse...they reduced the bracket for the very top earners which Trump never suggested or implied he wanted and they recduced the standard deduction from what Trump proposed which whould have offset for single parents the loss of head of household which by the changed approach screwed single parents big time. 

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