Roof Korean or Jew-victim

By: crunchgodabruinknees


Protesters Throw Feces at L.A. Kosher Cafe Because Owner Supports Trump Why didn't they go after some Korean shop owner who was expanding? Because he would have called 50 of his friends and the protesters would have gotten what they deserved. Jews are better targets for a few reasons, first of which is that American Jews have no history of fighting back, and in fact have a reputation for being conciliatory in the extreme. And let us not forget the historical hatred of Jews by the Left. Seemingly every leftist revolutionary struggle has demonized Jews, Judaism and Israel. 

But when those revolutionary struggles run out of Jews to persecute, or they need to expand the class struggle, they move on to their next targets, the Catholic Church and devout Protestants.

Bernie Sanders makes Israel a regular target of his ire, and his idiot acolyte from NYC, Ocasio-Cortez chose Israel for one of her first public attacks. 

That is the past. the present and the future of socialism, and anyone who doesn't understand it is a fool or a crypto-socialist.

 Image result for roof koreans patch'No one is coming; it's up to us.' #Repost @call_me_ak (@get_repost) ยทยทยท When Linda the out of touch soccer mom who lives in a gated community, asks why does anyone need an AR and why can't you just shoot people in the leg show her this. Shut up Linda. Go back to your wine and Xanax.  4-29.  26 years since the most destructive riot in US history. +60 killed + 2000 injuries +12000 arrests and +1 billion dollars in damages over the course of 6 days. 26 years since the Korean-American community was hung out to dry.  #koreatown #ktown #roofkorean #shutuplinda #rooftopkorean #roofkoreaisbestkorea #lestweforget #youlootweshoot

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