Zulus and other tribals

By: crunchgodabruinknees

are very fond of massacring Afrikaans families. South African Mastiffs and Ridgebacks served as home-defense against that and wildlife in rural areas.

This picture is of a mob coming to steal a farm. The Communist ANC is about to try to seize the white properly owned farmland as was done by the communist Zanu Pf party in Zimbabwe (fka Rhodesia) without compensation. It destroyed that economy and reduced GDP by 75% (and still shrinking). The 4 million Afrikaans leanred the lesson and are arming to the teeth for armed defensive rebellion. If former Rhodesia food production collapsed and inflation exploded as investment stopped, maintenance stopped, water systems were abandoned, seed money disappeared, new owners didn't want to work, new owners didn't know what to do etc etc. Rhodesia became giant Detroit-Zimbabwe. It went from a very large grain exporter, wealthy, democratic country to one of the poorest in the world.

owners blocked from leaving their house on the white-owned commercial farmRelated image

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