Libbie takes a beating form Antifa

By: crunchgodabruinknees

Watch Antifa Beat a Liberal Activist Bloody

What goes around, comes around. Antifa provides an example by beating up a liberal activist in Portland:

Paul Welch told Oregon Live that he attended a protest march led by Proud Boys and other right-wing groups with the intent of demonstrating [against] what he called a “tacitly fascist” event.

He came believing that the Proud Boys are fascist. Then he got a dose of actual fascism.

Welch says he was struck from behind in the head with a club by Antifa members who demanded that he drop his American flag, which they called a fascist symbol.

The more fascistic moonbats get, the more likely they are to use the word “fascist” to refer to anything they don’t like. That would make Old Glory the quintessence of fascism.

Welch suffered a concussion and a 3-inch gash according to Oregon Live, and says he believes he was struck with the metal end of a club.

This is virtually legal on the Left Coast, thanks to a sympathetic legal system, as we learned when Professor Eric Clanton was let off with probation after assaulting at least seven people with a metal bike lock in Berkeley. One Clanton’s victims required five staples to close up a head wound.

Imagine people like this trading their caveman clubs and bike locks for the awesome power of government. Similar things have happened, even in civilized countries.

Welch is a Bernie Sanders supporter. Or at least he was. Maybe Antifa knocked some sense into him. When the sort of people who utilize Antifa types take power, their relatively moderate fellow travelers are among the first to face the firing squads.

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