Recall after Hillary voided all her e-mail?

By: bread

1 Comey "determined" she was merely 'sloppy'. therefore No crime (?)

2. We now know Peter Stkzok was behind that investigation and changed the original wording.

3. Then the just before the election it was nutso time when it was found that 10,000 (100,000s) of such emails were also on ex-Congressman Weiners records (Huma babe)

4.  It was determined in 3 or 4 days of further analysis ....that their were NO disturbing or incriminating e-mails.

5 As of YESTERDAY it was found that they only looked at 3,000 of those.  And over 100,000 were not looked at

6.  GUESS who looked at determined their were no other emails of concern.

THAT'S RIGHT !..........Peter STZOK.again.

.....just so long as you recall that his boiling hated of Trump...had "nothing to do " with his Contrary findings. 

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