In case you hadn't noticed

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Congress hasn't done their job. Trump not only wanted tax cuts ( not the ones Congress passed) but also asked congress to pass imigration reform, health care reform and wanted to remove another over $700B from the budget congress passed in order to keep the government running. You do realize with immigration reform comes removal pf all the benefits currently provided illegals which cost american tax payers billions and allow illegal hirings that send billions of dollars out of america without being taxed don't you? You also must know that the amount of dollars that go into Obamacare is another drain on the american tax payer. You might also realize that the unbalanced trade agreements where we are not on a level playing field also hurts our econmomy and the failure of Congress to act on these so called deals adds to the deficit. You also understnad that the growth under Trump far exceeds what those that complain about the deficit don't use in the calcualtions. In case you also didn't know, the deficit grows because of the interest the lender collects on the loans th US accepted and most of that debt needs to be put clearly on Bush and there it is...Trump is not getting the support he needs for the economic expansion and reduction in federal spending to absorb the cost of the interest on the deblt. If Congress upheld their end of the problem with doing the right thing and if two incompetants as Presdient hadn't driven the debt up...things would be a lot different under Trump. But to use the 3.3 GDP to 1.8GDP  to calculate the deficit is BS...last I heard the GDP was over 4 for last's time congress got off their asses and gave Trunp what he's asked for instead of stalling around and changinh what he wants.

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