Last second again, now CNNs. favorite GOP

By: bread

Committee set to vote. Weak GOP Sister Jeff Flake scuries in to be the lasted seasted Senator.  He has just been in the cloakroom making a deal with his 'best friend' Coons of Delaware. 

He will vote to forward Judicail committees recomendation to the full Senate

BUT with a caveat that the Senate have an FBI investigation of a week.  

It was NOT part of Recomentation as Dimms hoped. Its his personal statement (which did not have to be made).

Grassley noted thats in the hands of Minority and Majority leaders of the Full Senate next week.

Then prominently adjurned the Hearings. 

DELAY- DELAY, DELAY, DELAY. in hopes ofo finding something ANYTHING 'Rats can buidl on.

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