She looks better in a bikini.

By: Dr. Spock

That's what's so stupid all about this. 

Even if The Kavanaugh Court reverses Roe vs. Wade and says the 14th Amendment doesn't really contain a magical right to abortion, all that does is throw the abortion debate back to the States, exactly where it was pre-1973. 

Does anybody really think that a Liberal state like Cali or New York is going to ban abortions?  Sh*t, in the last 45 years most Liberal states have found that their own State Constitutions gurantee a right to an abortion, with reasonable restrictions, completely separate from the US Constitution.  But we still get these souless hollowing banshees screaming in the Senate Chamber today because they worship at the Free Abortion In The 9th Month Altar.  SMH.  Dumb b*tches.

Sure, some Conservative states might ban it or (more likely) put severe restrictions on it (no abortions after the 4 month) but that's not going to stop someone from going to another state to get an abortion if they reallt wnat to.  This is 2018, not 1950.  Same goes for all the other Liberal lynchpins like gay marriage.  Dumb. 

As usual, Liberals react with lots of screaming and emotional overload but no logic or reasoning.  The Screamers at the Senate today are totally insane. 100% bonkers.  Way worse than Chistian Zealots or f*cking Moonies.

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