FWIW . . .

By: Dr. Spock

. . . I heard a review on the radio of the movie by a guy who saw it the night before.  He said he was a space geek, and had studied NASA and the space program in the '60s and '70s for years.  He said the movie was  . . . ok. Visually appealing at times but nothing special.

He said the movie was spectacularly inaccurate with the way it portrayed the Apollo Program.  He also said the blatant, obvious historical blunders ruined the movie for him but people who know nothing about the space program (like me) might enjoy it. 

I don't know d*ck about the space program, but the fact the director consciously omitted the flag planting scene for some universal douche bag ideas about the evils of nationalsim makes me want to puke.

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