Thats BS

By: Old Hickory Trojan

DNA tests do not make you a native american. unless you can prove yur bloodlines directly to the tribe you are a native american from. Secondly about half the tribes that existed in North America are not recognized by the federal government which means yu have to prove you are formn of the ones that are recognized. Next most tribes require a percentange of native american blodd lines which and go from 25% dow to 6%...and the tribes need to accept your lineage and approave the percentae before they let you in as a member. As it stands today most tribes still won't accept you as a member even if you meet all their criteria sinplay because they don't want to accept new members that cut down their profit sharing from various benefits including casins where all memebers get equal shares. Mosre folks lower althugh many folks call themselves something officially they are not...and in the number you gave they definitely are not...

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