Again - where's the evidence behind the

By: the909trojan

accusation? It wasn't started as a theory, but as a "fact", yet no evidence was presented to support it. Innocent til proven guilty etc. If somebody makes a wild accusation against you with no proof why should you prove it isn't true? Shouldn't the accusers prove their theory before making the accusation? Doesn't that border on libel/ slander? Accusations that spread wings and no evidence.


My beef is probably just as much with modern social media as with politics. Anybody with followers shouts loud enough any accusation and then it goes viral and takes wings.


Example: OHT is a pole smoker. He likes 18 year old men. Now let's pretend that somebody else picks up on that (maybe Lexo) and posts it here, wearsc, etc etc. Now it's all over the place that you're light in the loafers. Yet nobody has any evidence to support that. I guess that's my point. Rumors and accusations spread too fast today with zero fact checking.

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