Again Soros has been behind every

By: Old Hickory Trojan

other mass march breaking laws by violent individuals from te March on wall Street to the funding of legal aid to insure the. illegals coud answer questons correctly to get by the Immigration authrories as well as stirring violence in Germany and Russia for his open borders stance...he's funded politicians like Hillary Clinto and Maxine Waters who have preached violence to get their way....I guess you don't get the fat the guy weaves his way from one organization to another to wave a very complex trail to actually get to the source ...but anyone that has funded this kind of behavior before is funding it now and do you really think they are going to tell Soros or us how they know? He is a terrible human being that has tried everythng to disrupt countries and their governments and made his money by working for the Nazi's....and you think he isn't behind any of this...if he acts like a terrorist, had placd puipebombs in other countries and has funded other terrorist organizations in all lielihood he is a terrorist...and yet you nor the writer have no proof that he didn't do what he is accused everyone is lying....I'll that the position that no he has something to do with it...he has in the past and will in the future...

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