Facts are it wouldn't have occured

By: Old Hickory Trojan

if the FEd Ex Driver hadn't stopped to confront the indivudual he later killed...so here are questions that weren't answered in the article...

1.) Why was the Fed Ex driver yelled at to slow down...was he driving beyond the speed limit? Was he in a neighborhood with folks crossing the street or kids playing? Was he exceeding the speed limit?

2.) Why did he stop and confront the man when he had runs to make for his employer? 

3.) What occured in the conversation between the two men that brought about the throwing of a drink at the driver?

4.) What does the individuals poor helath have to do with him being killed? Why was he confronted in the first place? 

5.) If the Fed Ex Driver hadn't stopped would it have esculated to where a person was killed?

6.) Does using the N word justify a confrontation where someone gets killed?

None of those questions were addressed and should have been ...no words used should justify a killing...and better judgement could have been used by both parties but if my employee was being paid to deliver product and he was speeding and called out for it and then stopped to engage someone on company time...I'd have fired him..regardless of the word he was called by someone he didn't even know...


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