WHITEWATER investigation cost $60 million!

By: kal kommie

It lasted for over 4 years and came up with squat against the primary target of the investigation, the president. The subject of the investigation was an apparent bribe in the form of favorable investment terms. The money involved in the supposed crime was on the scale of hundreds of thousands of dollars and the alledged offense happened years before Clinton ran for president. Not a single person in either Clinton's presidential campaign or administration was prosecuted. 

Now we have the Russia investigation, which has lasted less than 2 years and cost so far less than half of Whitewater (without even counting inflation, which would make the Russian investigation even cheaper in comparison). Again the primary target is the president. No one knows how much money could have been involved. If the allegations that Trump was seeking preferential treatment for his business operations in Russia are true -- particularly the prospective Trump development in Moscow -- the scale of money involved in the crime could be billions of dollars. The alledged offense happened during Trump's presidential campaign and would necessary entail a cover-up that still continues. Many individuals who were significant figures in Trump's campaign and/or administration are also targets of the investigation and several of them have already confessed to felonies as a result of the investigation. 

And of course the alledged crimes in the Russia investigation deal with vital matters of national security and the fundamental integrity of American democracy, while Whitewater was completely irrelevant except as a political opportunity. 

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