Those wouldn't be FAIR numbers, would they?

By: kal kommie

That's your idea of an unbiased analysis. They only inflated the illegal population by what, 1.5 million? And committed all sorts of other sins of analysis, major and minor. You should have just stuck with OHT's Heritage study. That was biased trash too -- scorned even by Cato Institute -- but it didn't smell as bad. Neither of them bothered to try and separate the portion of illegal immigration that's come from the southern border from the general illegal immigrant population (via Canada, air or water; hundreds of thousands of people at least). 

Long term net economic impact from illegal immigrants is marginally positive. There are many studies which confirm that but they shouldn't be needed by anyone with a functioning brain. 8+ million of them work, at lower wages than native workers will accept and usually without labor protections. These people add $100+ billion in generalized production to the economy at a labor cost that allows employers to save billions as well. And these studies from Heritage and FAIR completely ignore the fact that these services over the long term will improve the efficiency of these workers as well, particularly education for their children which will dramatically enhance their productivity. 

Republicans want us to spend billions more than we already are to combat a phenomenon that is economically beneficial to the United States. We all know what's really going on here, what this whole "immigration debate" is really motivated by and it's not "border security" lmao. This is the great crusade to roll back the brown tide, to secure a "future for white children". Everyone is aware that barring major efforts to the contrary this country will become first a non-white majority country and later an ethnically Hispanic majority country. I get why that's frightening to a lot of people but it's a shit reason to throw up an expensive security barrier across gigantic sections of the southern border. 

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