What did the FBI do that was wrong?

By: kal kommie

Despite going into the interview targeting Flynn for potential prosecution, they *alledgedly* advised him against having counsel present and didn't tell him about evidence they had pertinent to their questioning. Flynn then chose to break the law and lie (for political gain) to the FBI because he was ignorant of the fact that they would have proof he was lying. 

Every day in this country law enforcement uses these tactics to prosecute suspects and the judiciary calls it constitutional. They trick dumb and/or uneducated people into not having counsel present while being interviewed and not only do they not disclose their evidence beforehand, they expressly lie about what evidence they have, for instance falsely telling a suspect their DNA was found at a scene to try and secure a confession. Now more mild legal subterfuge used against a far more savvy target is dirty?

If Flynn has been mistreated, is the same true of all the millions of Americans who as suspects were similarly tricked? 

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