NO ! because It Might WORK

By: kal kommie

Really really badly. Cops are firearms professionals and have combat training and they are still known to be inaccurate in active shooter situations. Now you want teachers with a far lower standard of training shooting at targets in schools? You think that's going to do more help than harm? 

The deterrent effect is being overestimated. These killers already know there'a an actual cop with a gun at the school. They know there are other cops who could potentially arrive within minutes. They often commit suicide at the end of the rampage. Deterrence should not be relied upon against a class of enemies that are suicidal.

Do these two things and the annual casualties from mass shootings will be cut to a small fraction in a few years: real gun control and spend more on child health care. Every citizen under the age of 21 should be included under medicare and should be encouraged to have a regular therapist. Every public school should have licensed therapists on staff and students should meet monthly with a staff therapist so that kids who are in trouble can be identified and helped. There will still be attacks but they will be less frequent and less deadly. Of course these treatments for this deadly epidemic are off the table because the Republican Party exists.

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