You're a fool

By: kal kommie

China IS educating their masses. The literacy rate there has risen from 65% to 96% in the last 30 years. You think that happened through voodoo? From FY16 to FY17 they raised their education spending by over 9% and are focusing heavily on STEM. Meanwhie you're on board with cutting the education budget of the US in half. Your solution is typically "conservative" stupidity. Did the fact that people may value education and not be able to send their kids to private schools cross what passes for your mind? Did the fact that many children have parents who don't give a shit about their kids (education or otherwise) cross your mind? Where are those kids supposed to get their education? Wait, I know, through the same voodoo that China uses to educate its population, right? (of course the honest answer is you don't give a fuck what happens to them or anyone else except you and yours)

To top the stupidity sundae, I bet you self identify as nationalist too. Fucking moron.

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