Sorry— “Alleged” cop killer

By: Petros Papakakas

“Alleged” Surendo gang member with an alleged SUR13 tattoo who’s allegedly in this country illegally and was was allegedly in the area the same time the crime occurred. The alleged suspect was allegedly the sole occupant and driver of a vehicle a which allegedly matched the exact description of the vehicle Officer Singh allegedly conducted a traffic stop on. The alleged suspect mysteriously went missing, allegedly, moments after the officer was killed. The alleged suspect then allegedly fled and allegedly hid out with family he has allegedly living in this great state. Allegedly, the police department has so much physical and circumstantial evidence in this case, they are allegedly high confident the prosecution will be fully successful in every stage of this case judicially........ After all is said and done, this case COULD wind up costing taxpayers millions considering the highly publicized court case and the life time incarceration of this alleged suspect. How many millions of dollars each year could this country save if the wall prevented all these alleged criminals from being in this country in the first place? Oops, sorry, I made this topic political
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