Ain't that some chutzpah

By: kal kommie

To bring up your FBI conspiracy delusions on the day when the GOP House probe into the FBI dies ingloriously. It joins Whitewater, Benghazi and emailgate in the graveyard of unfulfilled GOP political attacks. 

Strzok was investigated by the FBI, DOJ, OIG and the House GOP. Despite Strzok's personal political feelings (leaked from idiotic texts to his fellow Trump hating agent girlfriend), there was zero evidence that he had acted improperly in his job as an FBI agent. Of course this won't stop "conservatives" from trying to use Strzok and Page to disrupt the Russia investigation.

Meanwhile, we have a gallery of the president's former close associates having confessed to committing felonies since joining Trump's campaign. We are watching another GOP disgrace enter the history books.

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