Two pathetic new Movies

By: bread

"Its about Sex" the 'heroic life story of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Must have used that Title to create interest in such a gray tale.  An early fighter for womens Rights ! .. Translation= For abortion on demand and otherwisee.

 In the movie she was portrayed as a cutiepie too.   That's what tips us off , it's  mostlyl fantasy.


"Vice".about Vice President Dick Cheney. 

Its a comedy, really.  He accidently shot an old buddy plus he hilariously managed the US war on Terrorism.  In this he's stupid and evil of course.  While Islam is everything sacred reasonable and misunderstood.  

A total yukfesst.   But it will halp shape the opinions of the current crop of skulls ful of mush in colleges.   

Its Hollywoods way of advancing patriotism for the US of A. 

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