You're terminally confused

By: bread

An 18 yr. old parrot quoting CNN.  What a MESS. 

Romney will be the replacement for sad sacks Flake and Corker.  He will replace the two "regular" GOP members on CNN denigrating the Pres.  Their polling was at ~12 percent so they just Quit. Did they want to "for family time" Hell no, No one would back the millisns it would take for them to make any type of a Run.

As they waited for their silly season to come to an end and be replaced, (NOW). They used their fading time to use their animous to attack Trump.   BUT dear KK thought that meant there was dissension in the GOP.  

Only among the World government Globalists.  They are so rich but FEW in numbers.

"economy is mangled". You believe ANYTHING the corrupt media spoons out.

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