by the way

By: kal kommie

no one really wants the wall that badly except Trump and "the base". Dem leadership assents to it when pressured because they're poitically vulnerable (remember that is always the context of these illegal immigration debates, dems having to defend themselves against the charge of being soft) but if it was left to them it would never happen and everyone knows it

GOP itself is ambivalent about it but Republicans aren't allowed to express that publicly. Big corporate interests are tied to not only illegal immigration itself but the seasonal migration of the workers physically. Many of them come to work at planting or harvest and return to Mexico. They don't want to initiate a massive guest worker program but they don't want to lose their cheap labor

The Wall is stupid. It's completely the wrong direction we should be pursuing from a policy orientation. We should be drawing Mexico closer not trying to quarantine ourselves against their social catastrophe. Our course that would take real moral courage and the people who are in charge (both officially and not) are largely a bunch of people who are either immoral or amoral so we go on in this same stupid cowardly selfish fasion

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