you think a right wing agenda is a concern?

By: NJ Trojan

the socialist shitheads now in the house want to tax the hell out of everyone to provide free shit to everyone.  Thse idiots have no clue on how dangerous this thinking is. I will certainly welcome a "right wing" agenda any day over what the socialists are proposing.  It appears that our schools are failing since the Democrats cannot see that EVERY single socialist nation (outside of the homogenous scandanavian countries) has failed.  Even sweden is having issues know.

The bigger problem is congresspersons and Senators are no longer statesmen and women, they are politicians whose only goal is to get re-elected at the next term.  They all will fall into the partyline by bullying of the part leaders.   Where i live, my son went to high school with the son of a newly elected congressman.  Said congressman on his first vote, voted know on a bill that did not have a revenue stream to fund it.  The Speaker of the House at the time (now the current speaker) sent her henchmen to ensure that the new congressman "falls in line" with the parties decisions.  These parties have become like the mob, do as i say or there will be consequences.

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