You're right about the solution

By: kal kommie

to the immigration issue being a strong Mexican economy. There are no shortage of mechanisms by which we could more effectively support Mexico. Most of these mechanisms cost the USA more money (in the short run at least) either in direct aid or economic costs so they're off the table ("conservatives" won't even spend money to save America much less Mexico). Presently annual US aid to Mexico is $320 million (including counter-narco), less than 1% of the foreign aid budget (which itself is 1% of the federal budget) and only 1/10 of what we give to Israel 

But resistance to spending isn't the true obstacle, it's intentionality toward Mexico. Our policy makers have historically not only been uninterested in helping Mexico develop, it has actually been our goal for the past 150 years to suppress the national development of Mexico in order to keep them as a vassal state just like the rest of Latin America. This isn't leftist paranoia, it's written into the official government record all over the place (State Dept and CIA documents are especially instructive). Our leadership's top Mexican priority has been to keep them subjugated and to exploit them as a source of cheap labor and a market for our capital and products

One of the few mechanisms by which we could help Mexico (and many others) would be to end the stupid War on Drugs. Decriminalization of most personal use drugs would instantly strike a larger blow against narco traffickers than all of the narco ops in US history combined (not to mention having all sorts of other positive effects for America)

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