Then in your book

By: kal kommie

Any state that calls itself socialist is socialist, correct? The same would apply to capitalist democracies I would hope. So the Russian Federation is to be regarded as democratic because they say so and they have elections so we have to accept their attribution, correct? And the DPRK is democratic and republican, right? I mean it's right there in the name

None of those nations you listed were socialist in anything except name and official ideology except Yugoslavia and Cuba. The essence of socialism is democratic ownership and control of the means of production. That was never anywhere close to true in the USSR or GDR. Bolshevism (and Leninism) was about as far away from socialism as American "conservatism" is from real conservatism. Claiming socialism is a proven failure because the Soviet Union and its satellites failed is like saying democracy is a proven failure because it's failed in Russia now. It's almost like you don't realize I can draw up a much larger list of countries where "capitalism" failed

BTW, why did you exclude China from this list? They're officially "socialist" too, just like the very unsocialist USSR. Was it because China is no longer an example of failure that you decided to exclude them in contradiction to the methodology announced in your "Guidelines"?

I'm also interested in hearing more about how Cuba is "failing miserably". This will be instructive


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