China was exceluded because

By: NJ Trojan

i was referiering to failed soclialist nations. You are correct that true socialism does not exist with the exception of in theory, same with democracy.  

Regarding Cuba being a failure, it is all in the context of what you define as succesful?   For me personal growth and freedom is really high on my list.

as with many socialist nations, the economy is a government controlled economy in which the government (party) owns all manufacturing and services and all employees are employed by the government (akin to slavery) in that they have ZERO say in their work careers.

So in the context of economic, and personal growth, it is a failure.  Additionally, when your life is controlled by a governement as with Cuba, you are a slave.  Cuba is a huge human rights violator.

These Democtratic Socialists that are in our government are promoting more government control of the economy and personal growth with the concept of "taxing the successful"  it is a very dangerous situation that ignorant young people don't seem to understand what they are hoping for.

interesting discussion

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