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By: kal kommie

let's just ride right past the fraud that was your OP and move on to the next great pile of manure you want to show me.

The CDC is anti-2nd amendment huh? Ok, that makes sense because distinguished epidemiologists tend not to be stupid. But whatever bias you think they have in operating against the 2nd amendment (surely a critical viral pathway in their assessment of the disease of gun violence) didn't stop them from allowing the pro-gun partisan Kleck onto the expert committee or prevent his debunked stat from being included in the report without commentary about the several high quality peer reviewed papers that revealed the stat to be certainly false. 

Now let's look at your Forbes article. First, who is it written by? A Dr Paul Hsieh who runs a right-wing health care think tank. Okay, we should be cautious but just because he's partisan it doesn't mean he has nothing valuable to tell me. 

Hsieh quotes the CDC sponsored* report that was in your OP, containing the 3mil estimate from Kleck. Hsieh also declines to note (or did not bother to find out) the papers demonstrating how Kleck's figure was pure BS. But wait, Hsieh has another study he claims estimated over 1 million instances of defensive gun use. This study was published on the right-wing peer review site In formulating its estimate of over 1mil defensive gun uses, it sites a much older study first conducted in the 90s by...Gary Kleck! So a study by Kleck is supposed to be validated by the results of another study that accepts Kleck's claims as assumptions?

*Hsieh also quotes Dr Tim Wheeler of "Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership" (or DRGO, which sounds appropriately evil), a group of right wing doctors who promote the view that gun ownership is safe in America. DRGO is itself an appendage of the Second Amendment Foundation. Wheeler's lobbying was partially responsible for the CDC being placed under a ban against researching gun violence. DRGO wants you to believe it represents a broadly held if perhaps minority view among physicians in favor of gun ownership. DRGO has less than 2,000 members and 40% of them are not even medical doctors. They accuse left wing fringe doctors of spreading falsehoods about gun violence. That frings not only includes virtually all trauma surgeons and ER docs in the country but also the two largest physicians groups in the country, the AMA and the ACP which together have over 300,000 members. "These virtue-signaling physicians would be in their lane if they pursued better surgical techniques, better postoperative treatments. They are in the wrong profession if they want to cure society's ills", said DRGO director Dr Arthur Przebinda (a radiologist). 

And you think CNN spreads lies

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