This is not about the wall

By: Rodeo Trojan

President Trump can always get the wall by declaring a national emergency and spending the money neccessary to build a sturdy wall. It should be something like the Great Wall of China. A stell picket fence is to easy to  get around, either saw through a slat or two or dig under it.

But this technique--government shutdown and "presidential strike" (don't sign any legislation until he gets what he wants) would be useful to obtain other items on the Republican Agenda, such as a outright ban on all abortions, revive the Sanctity of Marriage Act (a marriage is between one man and one woman), more tax cuts, cancel Obamacare, etc. The  supreme Couet, as it is, can be relied to back this agenda.

IMO that is the reason for some Democrats to fight against the wall.

In itself, the Wall is right up  the Democrats alley--a government project that will employ many people, inject government money into  the economy (someone has to build the wall, produce the materials  for  the wall, and guard the wall). But they are  worried that this  technique could be used to negate their  abuility to  block other items of the conservative agenda.

Just a thought.

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