College is useless today

By: TheLegendOfAugustWest

Outside of medical, law, advanced mathematics.....there is ZERO learning going on. Only indocrination.

Not sure why a parent would allow their kid to go mega thousands into debt to get a degree in something that wont get them a job.

Trade schools are what most kids need to look into. That's where the good, solid, steady paying jobs are at. Plumbers, electricians, HVAC, tool/die, machinists, auto mechanics, etc....real work. Good tradesmen make 70, 80 even 90k a year.

These jobs are ALWAYS going to be available, will ALWAYS be needed.... but what's happened is, the white kids became "too good" to do physical labor, too good to get their hands a little dirty. A little scuffed up. So what happened? All the illegals, and legal non-college Latinos took up these jobs. They are willing to work for less, and so wages stay artificially supressed.

These kids today, all races(esp. the white and black kids), need to wake up and stop being pretenious about work. Get out there, learn a trade and earn a very decent living.

Modern university is a ruse.

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