Trump nominee is a strong anti-gun

By: Old Hickory Trojan

advocate. Really bad nominee by Trump and if Barr is chosen as AG as he has said durng his confirmation hearings that he would back the Feinstein latest gun control bill and the Red Flag laws. and basically put an end to the Second Amendment...many gun owners think this will be the trading card for the wall...I am very disappointed with this nomination from those perspectives. In fact I am disappointed that the dangling carrot that the FED has put before states to get Red Flag laws passed by offering them financial grants to do so...for those uninformed on Red Flag laws they vary state to state but basically allow law enforcement to confiscate firearms from anyone they feel is potentially dangerous by owning them without due other words your day in court is not before they show up at your door and take them but after they've taken them and yu apply for a court hearing in an attempt to get them the meantime they have your firearms has the burden of proof is on you to prove your innocense rahter then the burden on lw enforcement to prove you are dangerous...that can't be anymore anti-american... there has already been a killling of a 60 year old man at 5AM in the morning when law enforcement tried to take his firearm and another case where another 60 year old had his 22 rife removed from his home that never had any charges filed against him..

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