Pay me now or pay me later

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Pelosi spent more for walls for other countries which apparently aren't immoral outside the US.....put that aside that and you still have billins of dollars spent each year from american taxpayers for welfare , schools, housing, medical etc etc to take care of these illegals while at the same time introducing new dangers to the citizens of the US such as drugs, sex trafficing, murders, robberies, disease, etc etc.....I don''t see how anyone can think that open borders that bring this kind of probelms and cost into the coutry is a good thing expect the elitists who have walls and security around their homes and work and are looking for more the way whe DACA does hit the Sureme Court don't be surprised when Trumps wins and the deal he offered is off the table..( one more Justice ensures it)

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