Mexico would be paying for it

By: Old Hickory Trojan

very simple math...take all those government benefits away from illegals, take their ability to send cash back to Mexico, reduce the load on law enforcement use monies taken in drug and other illegal activities directly related to across the border and it pays for itself.....can you explain why the democrats went to court to prevent the fund raising effort in this country to help pay for the wall? Also in case you hadn't noticed Trump had more then a wall included in his border security plan and his attempt for humanitarian releif for those needing it...oh ya he's also discussed stopping foreign aid to those countries that keeping sending their illegals here....more cash saved by his overall approach to Border Security...when the math is completed how the heck is this a drain on US tax payers and who indirectly is paying for Border Security...the proble is he needs Congressional support to do all that...

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