I said that before it was even released..

By: Old Hickory Trojan

and the only reason Trump signed it was to prevent another shudown that the press would blame him for...the real enemy. of the people here was the republicans led by McConnell in the Senate that passed it trough...traitors one and all..it goes to show as was pointed out last night that there are two Republicans parties in DC...the old established Republicans that like things the way they were and who are elitists big government spenders and the new Republicans that are middle america who want the right things done for the people of the United States...and unfortunately the first group looks down on the second group and their president who is an outsider to them that doesn't belong...I buy into that...the Senate threw Trump under the bus...persobnally if I were Trump I would have taken the heat and shutdown the government again and made sure the american people understood why...

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